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The Sand Guide is a private venture led by a group of professionals that are inspired by Mexico’s natural beauty and proud of having created this great resource to promote tourism in our country.

Each member has contributed ideas, that have shaped this project based on their travel experiences. Traveling the roads of Mexico has inspired us, revealing at every turn a gorgeous landscape, magnificent beaches and a pleasant climate, a diverse flora and fauna, spectacular historic monuments or it’s mystical cenotes… On the other hand, the stark contrast between the modernity of big cities and the cultural diversity and pleasant simplicity of people in less urbanized communities.
Our goal is to enrich your travel experience in any way possible, so when you return back home, you will take back amazing experiences with your loved ones, moments that one day, will become cherished memories for all.

Have an amazing time in our beloved Mexico, be safe and enjoy!!

Our Values

When you travel, you want to take in and appreciate everything, including the sights, sounds, adventure, food, or the absolute relaxation.
Each of them contributes to the whole picture, completes the dream, and is the vacation’s high point.
Our values remain constant: safety at all times, amazing service, incredible quality, and breathtaking experiences, all with only the best of the best. Whether it’s a jungle villa in Tulum, a beach camel ride, an anniversary dinner, a special birthday, or an adrenaline-pumping day trip on board a competition baja dune buggy, we only know and recommend the best. There is no other option!

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She began her career in photography participating in local exhibitions and as a photography teacher and photo lab in the 90's, when photography had not entered the digital age and the chemical development process was also an art. Her love of traveling led her to various regions of Mexico, the United States, Europe and Africa, always capturing her singular vision in her photographs. For her, photography is not only a striking visual art, but the permanence of unrepeatable moments in the history of people, nature and the world.

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