Turtle conservation programs in México

México is one of the favorite beach destinations in the world, here you can relax and sunbathe accompanied by a delicious margarita, explore its ancient archaeological sites, buy some of its beautiful handicrafts or enjoy a great adventure tour.
Now, if what you want is to have an encounter with nature and help our planet a little, there are turtle release programs on different beaches in our country.

Six of the seven turtle species that inhabit our planet,arrive to lay eggs on our shores every year between June and November. They can bury up to two hundred eggs in a single nest, with a 50-day incubation period.

The species that reach our shores are:

  • Green Turtle
  • Olive Ridley
  • Hawksbill
  • Loggerhead
  • Kemps Ridley
  • Leather-back

Through a collaborative effort between society, marine biologists, businessmen and the government, sanctuaries have been established for the protection and study of the sea turtle, reaching a success rate in nest survival that ranges between 68 to 80 percent. 
Pacific beaches such as Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Costa Alegre, Puerto Vallarta and Oaxaca receive the highest number of arrivals, followed by Baja California Sur and Yucatan.

So, if you’re visiting a beach resort during those dates, don’t hesitate to inquire about turtle camps and have a great time with your family.
It’s an experience you’ll never forget!!

Photo by Gala Gaytán

Release of baby turtles at Playa Marlin, Cancún

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